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Foxwordy and LegalBusinessWorld Announce New Content Partnership

Legal Business World | 10/30/2018

Foxwordy, the patented, AI-powered collaboration platform for the legal industry, and LegalBusinessWorld, the open, online platform focused on knowledge sharing of "the business of law," today announced the launch of their new content partnership.

Foxwordy Launches New Content Partnership With High Performance Counsel™

High Performance Counsel | 12/05/2017

Palo Alto, Calif (Dec. 5, 2017) – Foxwordy, the digital collaboration platform for lawyers and law professionals, announced today its new content partnership with High Performance Counsel, a leading legal industry publication delivering high quality thought-leadership and commentary.

Patents for Foxwordy Enterprise Social Software

IP Strategy News | 11/17/2017

Foxwordy, the private collaboration platform for lawyers, said it received two patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office related to its “inventions in enterprise social software, joining a list of several pending patents for the company.”

Foxwordy Founder, Monica Zent, invited to contribute to Above the Law/Evolve The Law’s New Legal Innovation Center

Evolve the Law - ATL's Legal Innovation Center | 11/02/2017

Above the Law has been covering technology for 10 years, when Skadden first allowed associates to buy iPhones and made "Skadden associates the coolest on the planet." Today, 77% of American adults own smartphones, and Above the Law is covering blockchain.

Why Collaboration in Law and Business Matters: A Conversation between Dr. Heidi Gardner, PhD and Foxwordy Founder, Monica Zent

Huffington Post | 10/18/2017

Whether you’re a business executive or a lawyer in a law firm, an in-house counsel or a sole practitioner, you have probably wondered whether collaboration matters to your business and how it can help. Heidi Gardner initially explored these questions during her tenure at McKinsey & Co. She continued that exploration later in the course of obtaining a doctorate on the subject of group collaboration. In her research, spanning what is now a period of 20 years, Dr. Gardner found that teams that fully leverage their members’ talents earn higher margins, inspire greater client loyalty and attract and retain the best talent. Much of that research culminated in her recent book

Founder, Monica Zent, featured on the cover of LegalBusiness World’s Issue on Tech, Diversity and Law

LegalBusiness World | 9/12/2017

Tech, Diversity and Law: Things Have Changed, but More Change is on the Horizon.

5 Things Legal Teams Can Do to Foster a More Collaborative Work Environment: an Interview with Monica Zent, Founder of Foxwordy

Exterro Blog | 6/9/2017

Today's blog is from a recent interview I conducted with Monica Zent, an experienced entrepreneur, investor, businesswoman, and trusted legal advisor to the world’s largest brands. Her most recent venture is as Founder & CEO of Foxwordy, the private collaboration network for lawyers. She is also the Founder of ZentLaw, one of the leading alternative law firms on the West Coast.

Foxwordy Founder, Monica Zent, Shares in the Live Conversation From The 2017 CLOC Institute

Above The Law | 5/9/2017

This week, legal professionals, consultants and tech companies from across the country will converge on the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for what seems to have become one of the most important events of the year in the legal industry: the CLOC Institute.

Foxwordy Grows Up, Launches Enterprise Offering

Legaltech News | 5/5/2017

Collaboration tool Foxwordy is looking to move further into the business space, and away from its roots as a "social media for lawyers". Startups don’t typically launch with their final product in tact. YouTube was originally conceived as a video dating site, Twitter began as a podcasting company, and Flickr got its start as an online role-playing game called Game Neverending. Tech companies often have to modify their strategy based on the way users interact with their products.

Get Smart: Harvard Professor and Author Heidi Gardner Shares the Secrets to "Smart Collaboration" for Lawyers with Foxwordy Founder, Monica Zent

Group Legal Services Association | 4/30/2017

What lawyer wouldn’t want to earn higher margins, inspire greater client loyalty, attract and retain the best talent, and gain a competitive edge? According to Heidi Gardner, a former McKinsey consultant and Harvard Business School professor, now lecturing at Harvard Law School, the key to all these benefits is what she calls “Smart Collaboration.” Based on over a decade of research, her new book, “Smart Collaboration,” reveals these significant tangible benefits for lawyers, their firms or companies, and their clients.

The Power of Collaboration

Above The Law | 4/3/2017

Monica Zent, the dynamic founder of Foxwordy Inc., ZentLaw, and other ventures, loves to collaborate. In fact, her philosophy can be summarized with poet Mattie Stepanek’s famous quote: “Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” After seeing these “wonderful things” achieved through teamwork and collaboration throughout her career, Zent is on a lifelong mission to spread collaboration in the legal community.

How to Solve the Collaboration Conundrum

Cisco The Network | 3/20/2017

Browse through corporate literature today and you might conclude that our biggest threat isn't a recession or foreign trade. Instead it's silos, those internal units that frustrate and conquer us from within. In fact, some 42% of C-level executives rank overcoming silos as their top priority, according to a 2016 Experian survey.

Collaboration is Key: How Monica Zent Promotes Unity in Legal Departments

ACC Docket | 3/14/2017

Monica Zent, the dynamic founder of Foxwordy Inc., Zentlaw, and other ventures, knows that collaboration is key. When asked about her career philosophy, Zent quotes poet Mattie Stephanek, saying “Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Zent is on a lifelong mission to spread collaboration in the legal community.

The Secrets to "Smart Collaboration" for Lawyers

Inside Counsel | 3/1/2017

When executed properly, teamwork can yield meaningful, tangible benefits, says Harvard professor Heidi Gardner. What lawyer wouldn’t want to earn higher margins, inspire greater client loyalty, attract and retain the best talent and gain a competitive edge?

National Bar Association Members

LegalTech News | 11/4/2016

A new partnership between the National Bar Association, the oldest and largest bar association of African-American attorneys in the U.S., and legal collaboration platform Foxwordy Inc. will provide all National Bar Association members premium access to the Foxwordy platform.

Stanford CodeX on How Foxwordy is Bringing its Platform to the National Bar Association

Stanford University News | 11/5/2016

Monica Zent, CEO of Foxwordy, has partnered with the National Bar Association. “This partnership is special to me because it involves something I am personally passionate about: diversity in the law. We are delighted that Foxwordy is now a tool that can be used by all National Bar Members to help them advance in their careers and gain access to colleagues and opportunities to which they might not otherwise have had access,” she said.

Startup Snapshot: Foxwordy

Stanford CodeX | 7/27/2016

Meet lawyer Monica Zent, CEO of Foxwordy Inc., public beta launch: Feb. 1, 2014. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., she’s determined to convince lawyers to embrace legal technology so they can take advantage of tools that can make their jobs much, much easier!

How Lawyers Can Harness The Power Of Social Media

Law360 | 6/24/2016

Law360, New York (June 24, 2016, 10:50 AM EDT) -- In a recent interview, actor Jamie Foxx recalled how he used to do “social media” well before Facebook and Twitter. After a standup set, Foxx would ask fans to give their phone numbers, which he kept on index cards. When he was announcing a date, he would page those users.

The Current State & Future Prospects for Legal Tech Adoption

Stanford University News | 5/17/2016

An abundance of legal technologies have emerged in recent years, from document management and discovery tools sold to law firms, to regulatory compliance software sold to companies, to legal research tools attempting to make law accessible to individuals. Many of these legal technologies fundamentally reimagine the way law will be practiced in the future.

Social Media for Lawyers? Inside Foxwordy’s Updated Workplace Collaboration Tool

Legal Tech News | 2/1/2016

Foxwordy’s updated collaboration platform includes academic membership, a site redesign and a feature for building teams around different tasks.

Get Social: Why the Legal Industry Needs to Embrace Social Networking

Bloomberg BNA | 07/20/2015

The U.S. workforce is undergoing vast changes. Companies are beginning to look at the workplace as an agile construction comprised of a combination of full-time and contract workers and lean outfits supplying services at a value.

Foxwordy Founder on the Future Practice of Law (Podcast)

Ari Kaplan: Reinventing Professional Services | 5/1/2015

I spoke with Monica Zent, the Founder and CEO of Foxwordy, a private social network for lawyers, and the founder of ZentLaw, an alternative law firm.

We discussed the genesis of Foxwordy, which she launched in the spring of 2015, how it differs from other social networks, the use case for a legal industry specific portal, and the future of law practice.

The New Competition - Emerging Legal Technologies Out of Silicon Valley

National Law Review | 2/16/2015

In January, the National Law Review had pleasure of attending the Annual Marketing Partner Forum in beautiful Rancho Palos Altos, California. Programing was provided by the Legal Executives Institute at Thomson Reuters and featured over 15 hours of dynamic workshops. Hundreds of marketing partners, managing partners, in-house counsel and senior-level marketing and business development professionals were in attendance.

Why the Future of New Business is Social Selling

Entrepreneur | 3/27/2015

If you thought social media was just about being social, think again. Today it’s about “social selling.”

Potential investors, employees, colleagues, clients and customers are literally at your fingertips. But it is up to you to build relationships and establish trust. And that is what social selling is all about.

7 strategies lawyers can use to overcome work pressure

Inside Counsel | 9/14/2015

The Great Recession of 2008 was seven years ago, but its effects continue to linger in the legal profession.

How Foxwordy Became a Top Social Network for Lawyers

Law Insider | 9/1/2015

On Ally McBeal, they did it in a unisex bathroom. On Law & Order, they often did it behind closed doors in wood-paneled offices with Manhattan views. Back in the day on LA Law they did it while walking to court. In real life, lawyers usually confer with their colleagues by grabbing a colleague, walking down the hall or maybe bumping into them at a trade event or bar association dinner.

Ways to Achieve a Positive State of Mind

Entrepreneur | 2/23/2015

As an entrepreneur, one of my most important keys to success is staying positive – especially when facing the inevitable obstacles of running a business.

Attention Lawyers: Now Is the Time to Get Social

Huffington Post | 2/7/2014

It's not surprising that, for the most part, lawyers aren't very active on social media. But there's no reason for that.

Unconventional Wisdom (Subscription Required)

The Daily Journal | 2/6/2015

Foxwordy: Successful Social Networking (Podcast)

The Social Network Station | 2/3/2015

Monica Zent, attorney and the Founder and CEO of Foxwordy and Founder of ZentLaw, gives us an update on her private social network, Foxwordy. Monica shares how to build a following on a social network and how to bring the followers back to the network once they join. Hear Monica talk about being a successful entrepreneur and the important advice she has for women in business.

News from Foxwordy, Gavel & Gown, and more (Subscription Required)

Law Technology News | 1/12/2015

The Best Business-Building Move I Ever Made

Chase | 02/12/2015

Six Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Business-Building Moves

A New Social Network Entices Lawyers With Anonymity

Bloomberg Businessweek | 10/06/2014

A New Social Network Entices Lawyers With Anonymity

The Social Network Show on KDWN Presents Monica Zent

| 09/14/2014

The Social Network Show on KDWN welcomes Monica Zent, attorney and the Founder and CEO of Foxwordy and Founder of ZentLaw.

Will You be My Friend?

Will You be My Friend? | 09/01/2014

The promise and pitfalls of lawyer-focused social networks.

New social networking site offers attorneys anonymity

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | 06/11/2014

Have a thorny problem you’d love to kick around with other lawyers but not so anxious to reveal your identity? Foxwordy is happy to be of service.

Foxwordy launches as private lawyer network

The Global Legal Post | 05/20/2014

Promising to provide anonymous collaboration, the website claims to be the first private lawyer network.

Lawyers share info anonymously on social network

SFGate | 05/16/2014

Members of the social network Foxwordy aren't sharing memes or selfies. Instead, they're seeking opinions on family-law rulings and the legalese printed on sunscreen labels.

Silicon Valley lawyer creates another social network for lawyers

ABA Journal | 05/01/2014

Move over Avvo, JD Oasis, Legal OnRamp and WireLawyer, there's a new kid in town: Foxwordy.

Attention General Counsel: Collaborate or Die!

Corporate Counsel | 04/23/2014

Known for their competitive spirits, legal professionals often have misconceptions about collaboration.

Another Niche Social Media Network, just for lawyers!!!

Social Mediatrics | 03/10/2014

As Facebook, Twitter and other big Social Media Networks are expanding, there are quite a lot of niche social media networks on the rise. In my previous post, I had specified that a network for DJ’s had been released, DJ Social. Now, a new Social network has been released just for lawyers where lawyers can quickly get information from trusted colleagues, or have access to thousands of documents and clauses.

Foxwordy -- a Social Network Just for Lawyers (Who Are Invited)

Strategist | 03/03/2014

Just last week we went over the benefits of starting your own LinkedIn Group, and you've just coined a clever name for your group and now, we have the audacity to tell you that you should do more. We hear you.

Can Lawyer-Specific Social Networks Succeed? | 02/28/2014

Yesterday, Bob Ambrogi reported on the emergence of yet another lawyer-focused social network, this one called Foxwordy, which touts an invitation-only membership and “access to thousands of docs and clauses authored by experts” as two of its unique features.

Foxwordy Offers a Social Network Just for Lawyers

Corporate Counsel | 02/28/2014

Don’t tell Mark Zuckerberg’s legal department, but there’s a new social network in town: Foxwordy, a newly launched private social network that’s specifically designed for lawyers.

Foxwordy Launches A Social Network For Lawyers

Forbes | 02/27/2014

More and more companies, understanding the power of collaboration, have turned to starting their own internal, private social networks. It’s an attempt to simultaneously harness the power the social media has for instant, off-the-cuff communications while still maintaining privacy about what’s going on within the company.

Foxwordy, the First Private Social Network for Lawyers, Makes Official Debut

Digital Journal | 02/27/2014

Foxwordy, the world's first private social network for lawyers, made its official debut today. By instantly connecting credible legal colleagues, Foxwordy allows lawyers to collaborate in a private setting, enhance professional reputations and access new opportunities.

Attention Lawyers: Now Is the Time to Get Social

Huffington Post | 02/07/2014

It's not surprising that, for the most part, lawyers aren't very active on social media. But there's no reason for that. After all, each attorney has their own opinions and ideals that set them apart. And whether they're sole practitioners, hold an in-house position or work at a law firm, it's important for each to establish their own professional brand. Social media is the ideal way to let colleagues and potential clients or employers know exactly who you are and what you bring to the table.

14 Ways to Strengthen Your Professional Brand in 2014!

Huffington Post | 01/13/2014

The new year is here and with it, a chance to have the best of your career. Whether you're self-employed or work for a small or large company, that will mean building and strengthening your professional brand. By enhancing your presence on social media, setting clear and attainable goals for yourself and managing your personal responsibilities, you'll pave the way to make 2014 a huge professional hit.

The Top 5 Essential Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Huffington Post | 12/20/2013

Starting your own business means wearing tons of different hats and facing endless challenges. The entrepreneurial journey is filled with peaks and valleys. It can be difficult to stay motivated, remember your vision and stay on course, especially during tough economic times.